Friday, February 20, 2009


Finally I am motivated to clean off my incredibly messy desk. Every time I sit down at my desk to do something, I get completely distracted by the huge piles of "to do's" right in front of me staring me down. I will complete my task today (or tomorrow) by cleaning it off and will love it. However, I know in a few months it will be right back to where it is today. I don't know why I always let things get so messy. You should see my daughter's dresser. We still have her baby dresser which is wide vs. tall because it was a changing table as well as a dresser. So it has a really big surface that is the perfect temptation for someone like me to just "put things on top" of when those things don't go there. Insanity, I tell you. I took pictures of my desk and my daughter's dresser but I am not posting them until I get the "clean" shots to put with them!

So one question I have is you save birthday cards from other people? I tend to save the ones from my good friends and family. But I'm wondering if this is wasteful and part of what makes me such a "cluttery" person. I tend to keep too much, although I've gotten better. I got a card from a good friend with my favorite dog on the front so I think I want to keep it but really, what's the point? I'd love your opinion on this.

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  1. take a picture of them and keep it them in a digital photo album....voila no more clutter and you get to keep your precious momentos. I'm going to do this with all the artwork and "stuff" that comes home from school too!