Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home from Missouri

My favorite picture of the week:

We took Eythan back to the ranch last week and then spent 4 days with my aunt at the Lake of the Ozarks. I love being at the lake! If we could, Tim and I would drop everything and move there! After our 4 days with my aunt and my cousin, we drove back to the ranch and spent the weekend with Eythan and all the other families who were visiting for family weekend. It was a truly amazing weekend. God was so present and I wish every one of you could have been there to witness the amazing things God is doing there. But since you weren't, I will just share my pictures. :)

Eythan & Joshua

If you are a prayer warrior, please pray for Joshua. He just turned 18 and therefore is allowed to leave the ranch on his own. He was only at the ranch for 6 months, which is a very short stay. He thinks he is ready to go home but we are all concerned that it's too soon. Please pray for him! He lives in Dallas.

Some of the boys (and 2 sisters of one of the boys) getting ready to drive go karts.

Eythan go karting.

Us at the ranch.

Tim & Savannah (she wasn't very happy because she had an ear ache the whole weekend).

This is Pastor (in the cowboy hat) talking to his dad who had just been kicked in the leg by one of their horses.

This is Savannah with Elizabeth, who is the sister of Seth at the ranch. They are both 7 years old so they played together all weekend.

Eythan waiting in line to be baptized in their pool. I think there were like 19 boys who were baptized that day! It was awesome!!

This is Pastor's pastor who led him to the Lord in Greece when he was in the army. He was telling Eythan and me that Eythan got his eyes from me. :)

I have many more pictures but it will take me forever to upload them here so later I will post a link to them. Keep praying for Eythan...he is making leaps and bounds and we are so excited about what God has planned for him.

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  1. What a joyous week! Much to be thankful for.