Thursday, January 21, 2010

New House!

We bought a new house! We are so excited about moving to our new home in just 2 short weeks. It's in Northlake, TX which is about 30 minutes north of here.

It's about 100 sq. ft. bigger than our current house, which will be perfect. Since we are down to only 2 kids in the house (when Eythan gets home) this will be just enough. This house is beautiful and has a ton of upgrades...diagonal tile, wood floors, crown molding, pass through fireplace, radiant barrier in the attic, beautiful bowl sinks in the master bath, tiled shower with 2 shower heads - one is a rain head coming out of the ceiling, and many others. The owner is selling his furniture too and is giving us the washer/dryer set along with the fridge with the house. We are going to make an offer on some of his very expensive furniture. :) He wants $20k for all of it (which we would take if we could afford it) but we'll have to just pick a few of our favorites. We are closing and moving in just 2 weeks. Yikes! I better get packing!

Our kitchen (with the old owner's stuff still inside) and our new fridge :)

The Master - with the old owner's gorgeous bedroom set! Majorly expensive...probably costs $6k (we found it online to check the price)

Master bath shower - rain shower head out of ceiling!

The beautiful stones we get to use for landscaping in the backyard.

The back of the house from the backyard.

The dining room - we are trying to buy this set from him if he'll take a reasonable price. :)

The pass through fireplace from the living room. Love those crosses on the mantle! We are also trying to buy that T.V.

The breakfast nook (love that tile!)

The office - would love to get that desk too but probably won't.

The backyard (we have 1 acre)

Love these cool sinks in the master bath!

I will get more pictures after we move in so you can see it with OUR stuff. :)

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  1. Wow Gretchen, this house is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! What a gift from the Lord! The present owner sure has amazing taste in furniture too! :) Praying you get the items you'd love to keep in the home & so excited for you guys to move! You can pack in 2 weeks - it'll just go by more quickly! I don't know how often you have moved around, but I have moved 4 times in the past 3 years so I found that printing labels for each NEW ROOM of the house & taping them on the top of each box really helped & then I write the specific items in that box on the label I taped on. I then print off those same labels & tape them to the doorway's for the moving company to know WHERE to leave each box and it goes pretty smoothly & most boxes end up where they should the 1st time! Just a thought (take it or leave it)! :) HAPPY Moving Day!