Monday, August 15, 2011

I Do...Again!

In just under 2 weeks my sweet husband and I will be recommitting ourselves to each other. We are having a Vow Renewal ceremony and we are so excited! It will be a lot like a wedding. Since we eloped almost 12 years ago we decided it would be fun to have an actual wedding to renew our vows. :) Some people have asked us if this is a special anniversary but it's not. It's not an anniversary at all! We got married in April. We decided to do this now because my mom and her husband and one of my aunts will be in town at the end of August and we want them to all be here for it. So we kind of crammed last minute like you do for a exam to get all the details worked out and have this thing ready to go. We have a few small things left to do so we're almost ready. Can't wait to share the photos with you here.

There are so many things going on this month I can hardly keep up with it all. Eythan (our 17 year old) was away most of the summer at the boarding school he attended a few years ago in MO. He volunteered for the summer and just came home last week. We thought his stay would be longer but God said it was time to come home. He will be 18 in November and he is itching to get out on his own already. Our older boys were not anxious to get out of our house at this age so this is different for us. We only have a few short months to finish training and teaching him. Once he's out of our house I'm not sure he will have our spiritual protection. I'm actually looking into this right now because I'm not sure. Do kids out of the house lose the spiritual protection the parents provide while they are still living at home? That's an interesting question.

Joseph just turned 22 on August 8. I can't believe how time has flown. Weren't these guys just little boys yesterday? Josh and Christine are planning their wedding for next March. We are excited to see him start this new phase of life! Savannah turns 10 on the day we renew our vows. We thought it would be cool to do it on her 10th birthday. So even though it's not an anniversary, it is a very special day. She is excited about it too. After our ceremony on the 27th we are having my family and Tim's family over for a swim party for Savannah's birthday. We didn't want to take the whole day away from her. Then the following day she is having her friends over to swim for her birthday. After 9 years of experimenting with parties, we decided it's best to have 2 separate for family and one for her friends. I think everyone's happier that way...including the birthday girl because she gets TWO parties! :)

Our church is also starting a new Marriage Ministry that we are very excited about. It starts in September. Also starting Sept 1 is our small group season. I am leading a women's small group based on the book "Lies Women Believe" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I'm so excited to go through this book with other women! It's a much needed read in our culture...along with another book I just started this week called "So Long, Insecurity" by Beth Moore. I'm only on chapter 4 but it's an amazing book so far. Another MUCH needed book for today's woman.

I just finished Beth Moore's David study. What an amazing surprise! The Holy Spirit prompted me to do a study on David because I had never done one before...all I knew about David was the story about Goliath and the one about Bathsheba. I didn't know much more and I was curious. The cool thing is that God revealed so much more to me about Himself than I knew. It wasn't about David, it was about Him. He revealed things in my life that needed breaking...strongholds that needed healing. I love how He does things. And I'm so glad He's in charge. Aren't you?

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