Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another passing

I'm a little freaked out right now because I just heard about another mother of small children who passed away this morning. Similar story to the first one in that there were no signs of any problems prior. She was a mother of 2 small boys (4 months and 4 years old) who died suddenly and unexpectedly. I did not know her but she was very involved in our church. How can this be happening? My fear is shining bright and strong because it's unusual for women my age to suddenly die, and to have it happen twice within 2 days is just weird. Please pray for these families.

I have been thinking almost nonstop about Stacy's passing on Monday and her family. (BTW, her newborn son, Wyatt, is doing very well and is expected to go home in the next few days. PTL!) I mentioned below that I was trying to understand God "taking" mothers away from their families, but it's very possible God didn't "take" her. He may have just "allowed" her to go. Those are very different things and should be understood differently. We live in a fallen world and things happen. Sickness, death, sin...they are all very prevalent in our world and there is no getting around it. I was talking with my Grammy this week about the death of this sweet young woman and she made an excellent point. She said, "Remember that we are looking on the back side of the needlework and God is looking at the front. Sometimes we can't see how it all goes together." What an interesting and excellent perspective. I'm so thankful she shared it with me because it gives me comfort.

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