Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I won this Shape Up Letter Template by Meredith Fenwick on a blog giveaway in exchange for doing a layout with it. It's a really cute template and I love putting so many pictures in one layout. Such a creative way to include so many pictures!

We are leaving Sunday to go visit Eythan and are very excited and ready to see him. We weren't able to talk to him on the phone this past weekend because he got in trouble for lying and they took away his phone privileges. I think it's good they did that because that child will not learn from a slap on the hand. He has to have big consequences or else he doesn't learn. I'm not sure taking away our call was even enough, but hopefully since he really looks forward to our calls.

Have I ever told you how wonderful my husband is? This morning we got in an argument as I was leaving for work. It was one of those situations where I was being a poo and was grumpy for no good reason. I almost left without kissing him, which is really not something we ever do. We always make time for a quick kiss before we leave. But, like I said, I was being a butthead. I have to say, at the time I thought HE was being a butthead which is why I was acting the way I was (someone else's bad behavior is never a reason for my bad behavior, I know). Anyway, he got me to give him a kiss at the door and when we opened the door it was very cold and raining pretty hard. He asked me if I wanted him to get our umbrella out of the car so I didn't have to go to the car without it. Long story short, he went out in the rain to get it for me and then walked me to my car and helped me in; then he put the umbrella back in my car and went inside. He just told me tonight, when we were talking about what the Loving Actions quote below means, that he really didn't WANT to get the umbrella for me because I was being a pain. But he knew that the best way to combat my ugliness was to do something nice for me. Without consciously thinking about that this morning, I sent him a text message when I got to work saying I was sorry and I love him. See how that all worked out? :) God knew that Tim would be a good example for me and that's why he put us together. I have learned so much from my husband and have even changed my thinking in some pretty big ways. God knew. God knows. Thank goodness! :)

Today's Loving Action:
Resolving Conflict and Dealing with Anger...
"We'll never be successful in our most important relationships until we learn to drain the anger out of another person's life."

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