Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Missouri

We arrived in Couch, MO last night around 10pm. It was too late to go see Eythan so we waited until this morning to see him. He always runs to us with a big hug...he can hardly wait to see us and hug us. It's really nice. We are allowed to take him off "campus" until Tuesday night which will give us lots and lots of time to be with him. We drove about 25 miles away to another small town called White Plains, MO and spent all day there today. We shopped a little, ate, went to a really nice little park. The weather couldn't have been better...it was sunny and probably around 70 degrees, maybe warmer. Tonight we ate dinner at a really good restaurant and then saw Race to Witch Mountain. Tomorrow we are gonna bowl. That's all we have planned so far! I'm sure we'll have quite a bit of down time before we take him back to the ranch, which is okay. We can't be entertained 24/7, right? :) We had a really nice day with him today and I have seen more changes in him that are very pleasant. I know God is really making some changes in him and we are excited about what his future holds. Keep praying for him!

On a different note, I think I went a little overboard on what I ate today. Today was the first day I allowed myself (because I really didn't have a choice) to eat out so much. I think I made very good and reasonable choices but my stomach is not very happy with me right now. It was probably the pizza I had for lunch...which I thought was an okay choice because I started with a salad and only had 2 small pieces of pizza. Maybe not. :) I think I'd better stick with Quizno's or even just a salad instead of salad plus grease. I should know better.

We are driving to Kansas on Wednesday to see my best friend and her new baby and some of my family. We were just there at Christmas but I'm totally excited to see everyone again! Kansas is my home and I will always love going.

I suppose I should try to sleep now since it's 12:45am. But I'm sure I'll instead decide to play Solitaire until I can't keep my eyes open anymore. (I don't like to go to sleep with an upset stomach; who does, right?) So goodnight!

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