Tuesday, April 14, 2009

See the wonderful help I had today cleaning Eythan's room? Savannah loves to help me clean with Chlorox wipes so I asked her to wipe the doors. Her friends came over (we were babysitting) and they all wanted to help! We are using his room as our office temporarily until he gets back home. I spent almost a whole day cleaning it out before we could move our stuff in. It was a DISTASTER, worse than most 15 year old boys' rooms. But it's done and hopefully will never be that bad again. I'm hoping that when he grows up a little (from being at the ranch) he'll come home at least a tiny bit neater. :) Nothing wrong with hoping! We also bought a Futon to put in the office too and my mom will be the first one to use it next month. We will pick it up this Friday. Yea! Finally a guest room (sort of)!

I started working with my husband yesterday. So far so good. :) He works in Dallas on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I am not actually working WITH him on those days but am still doing stuff for him. We are working on an iPhone application. Right now I am trying to put together a presentation for prospective clients that we want to work with. It's pretty exciting! And I'm learning some new software that I've never used.

I went to a Chiropractor yesterday for the first time because my right hip (actually it's where my femur and hip meet...in that socket) has been bothering me and is getting worse. He said my right leg is shorter than my left, which I don't think is too uncommon. He took an x-ray of my hip to see if there's any other reason for my pain and I go back tomorrow to find out the results. He did some adjustments on my back too which was a weird experience! But it felt good too. He told me that low serotonin can cause or lead to (not sure which) IBS. I don't think I have IBS, but it got me thinking about all my recent stomach problems and I think it's possible that going off my Zoloft almost a year ago might be the reason this all started. Mine seems to be an acid problem and having gone off my Zoloft after 16 years of being on it, I'm probably creating more acid than I used to (from stress). Just something I'm pondering...

I haven't managed to lose any weight yet but I haven't tried very hard yet. The chiropractor said I shouldn't start exercising this week so hopefully I'll be motivated to do it next week. :)

Tim and I celebrate our 9th anniversary tomorrow (the 15th...tax day...how romantic). We are driving to San Antonio this weekend and will celebrate in a beautiful bed & breakfast while Savannah goes to my brother's for the weekend. So excited!

That's all for now. Hope everyone is doing well and loving this beautiful weather (if you're in Texas)!

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  1. Man I wish I could have help like that. What a blessing. Happy Anniversary tomorrow. We'll have our 10th next month.