Friday, September 17, 2010


What is that I hear? That is silence. Something very seldom heard to a mother. It's nice. I think I will enjoy it. Tim has the kids and I get to do nothing...which sometimes is quite annoying so I find stuff to do. However, tonight it's very enjoyable. So I'll update my blog. :)

I often desire to be one of those super bloggers who updates every day with deep and interesting thoughts and ideas. But I realized the reason I am no good at that is because I really don't want to be. I am experiencing a situation with an old friend that I thought about discussing here but then realized that I just don't want to get into it. Some things are fun to talk about and some things are better understood after a session of deep analysis, but some things just don't need to be put out there. So instead, I'll just bore you with every day details. That'll be fun, right?

Savannah took a series of tests this week in school. This was very different from our first year of homeschooling last year. I chose curriculum that didn't include testing last year and I didn't think it was important as long as I make sure she knows the information. But this year's curriculum has tests in each subject for each section. So there are 2 tests per booklet (1 for each section) and then a final test. This week we managed to finish her first Bible booklet so she took the final test today. (I still don't know how much I believe in testing but it's okay with me if we do it anyway. When she doesn't do well, we review the missed questions over and over until she knows it.) She got 100% on her Bible test! I was so proud of her. Especially after she did so poorly on all the other tests this week. She definitely gets this from me. I am a very poor test taker. Which is really why I don't see the point. I can know the information and still do poorly on a test and I see that in we aren't going to put a lot of weight on the tests this year. Especially since it's only 4th grade...maybe we'll care more in high school.

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is how much I'M learning with her. And I love the dialogue we have about Bible stories especially. What a blessing it is that I GET to homeschool my child. I can't wait to do this again from the beginning with my next one. Wow, I'll have one in high school and elementary together! That should be fun! :) I will say...I don't know how you mommies do it who have more than one that are relatively close in age...kudos to you!

So I'm thinking about training for a half marathon. Anyone else? Since I already run 3.1 miles I should be ready by race time in December. Problem is...I'm not sure if I want to do it. At first I was totally excited about it but now I'm really hesitant. I don't know if it's because it's a lot of work or if I'm afraid I'll fail. I've already said if I can't run the whole thing (13 miles) then I'll run as much as I can and walk the rest. I would still be so proud of myself. What an accomplishment! Okay, I think I've decided. And who knows...maybe I'll have to try a marathon after that. :)

I'm excited for the weekend because my best friend from high school is coming to visit me on Sunday! I'm so excited to see's been a long time. She is only staying for 1 night but I'm so glad she gets to come at all! Here we are in our early 20s (approx. 1996):

So, last Sunday I missed church. Actually I was there but I was in the car while my family was inside being spiritually fed. I didn't want to miss it but I developed a terrible stomach ache on the way to church. I thought if I went inside and didn't think about it, it would go away. Not so much. I actually got freaked out because I was worried it would get worse and I was trapped in the middle of a large I left during worship and went to the car. When we left it still hurt but wasn't as bad. When we got home I laid down and decided to take a Tums, thinking maybe it was acid (I have GERD). Suddenly, within 5 minutes of taking it, my stomach felt like a tight knot on fire. For about 10 minutes I could hardly breathe and couldn't be still because the pain was so intense. (I tend to be a weenie when it comes to being sick, but still.) Then it subsided enough that I could deal with it. Then it came back. It was really the worst pain I've ever felt in my stomach. So I called my dad, who has ulcers, to ask him what they feel like. A year and a half ago when I had my endoscopy and colonoscopy, I was told my stomach and my colon were bleeding. Well, duh. I would think there was a pretty high chance I would develop an ulcer after that. I still don't know if that was the problem but drinking milk was the cure. I don't know any other kind of stomach issue that milk would cure so I'm real suspicious that it's an ulcer. However, I haven't had any other problems since then (thankfully) and I don't see the point in going to the doctor unless it gets out of control. I'll just be sure to keep milk around for awhile. :)

My family is home so I'll be signing off. Good night!

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  1. I saw you came and followed our blog, so I followed back!

    I'm really glad you're going to run!! It doesn't matter if you run the whole way. The race will be so empowering and I'm hoping that we can be sporting ICAN shirts and help spread awareness!

    Did you visit that training site that I'm using? The long run this week is only 3 miles. You can do it!! :)