Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy November!

I can't believe it's November 2. When did that happen? This year has flown by. I guess that happens when you're busy. I've noticed time has gone faster since I started homeschooling Savannah and working out. When I try to do both in the same day there just aren't enough hours. But it's because our gym is 30 minutes away so drive time is an hour, work out time is 1-1.5 hours, shower and dress time is another 45min-1 hour. It takes so much out of my day to go. And school takes 3-5 hours so I hardly have time for anything else on those days. Today we just didn't have the time to go the gym...so we bundled up (it's 53 degrees but the wind makes it feel like it's 40) and we ran a mile outside in our neighborhood. Then we got our medicine ball and did sit ups on our weight bench in the garage. Took less than an hour to do both. :)

Okay, I have to preface this picture with a statement...I'm honestly not one of those people who puts clothes on my dogs. I tried it once a long time ago and my dog seemed to hate it so I just haven't done it. But now I have a dog with only one eye so it seemed only appropriate to make him a pirate for Halloween. I also really don't like Halloween but I really couldn't resist dressing him up.

But honestly, how cute is he??! And we couldn't leave out Sugar...so she was a girl pirate...along with Savannah. :)

I have a pretty cute little group there, don't I?

Here is the gang from our neighborhood riding on a trailer being pulled by a really cool 4 wheeler...they had a blast!

And Savannah with her bestie Molly...

Here are some other random shots from Halloween...

I am doing much better with my fertility issues. I really feel peace about what God is doing in our lives. I don't know what he has planned but for now I'll just wait. And I'm okay with that. He's always thrown things my way to help me work on patience and I haven't gotten much better, so this is just another exercise. It's good for me, right?

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