Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sick of being sick!

I need to complain for a minute. I am SO SICK of being SICK! After having an upset stomach for 3 straight months, I am ready to be well. But this week my body decided to get what I thought was a little head cold. But it has now turned into a full blown sickness...body aches, headache, sore throat, sneezing, ear aches, etc. I'm just miserable. Won't be able to take Savannah to her Girl Scout event today and won't be going to Keno tonight. That's a bummer because I really only go to spend time with my MIL and 2 SILs. :(

What do you think about my new header? I am wondering if I should have it titled "Gretchen's Ramblings" vs. "The Tripp Troop". Any thoughts? I'm so proud of my clan and I like showing them off. :) But this blog is not about them; it's my own personal place to vent and "ramble". :)

I am thinking about buying some AdvoCare products. Are you familiar with their products or have any experience with them? I have heard really good things about them so I would like to give them a try. Particularly their Well and Trim products. My weight is holding steady right now, which is good. But soon I need to focus on LOSING. If I can lose 10-15 pounds I'll be happy.

I think I'll go back to resting and watching a movie. See you all next time! :)

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