Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hard Day

Today was a hard day. I was, again, up until 4:30am last night with a stomach ache. Not sure what my problem is but I think my eating has gotten out of control. I think in general I haven't been eating as healthy as I was and my stomach is protesting. It must be time to get it together.

So, because I was up so late, we didn't get started with homeschooling until almost 10am. I felt okay when we started but soon started to drag. As the day progressed I was getting more tired and then my head started pounding. I decided to quit before we finished our last subject of the day (Science, which is the hardest subject for me because it's complicated and somewhat boring to my brain). I was cranky and finding myself a snappy. I don't want our homeschooling experience to be me being a cranky-pants and snapping at my precious daughter (who had no choice in this decision to homeschool).

It is now going on 10:30pm and my head is still pounding. I try not to take Advil unless I can't avoid it (because I believe it was a culprit in my stomach issues) so I have only had Tylenol...but to no avail apparently. I need to go to sleep and hopefully that will keep me from having to take Advil.

I want to post some pictures from Savannah's birthday but I think it needs to wait until tomorrow. For now, good night everyone. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much more productive and positive day. :)

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