Monday, August 16, 2010

Miscarriage Thoughts

I am heart broken by my miscarriage. More than anything I wanted this pregnancy to be successful. However, I am completely trusting in my God to heal us and help us move on. Miscarriages are extremely common so I know there is hope. There is hope in trying again. I believe it will happen for us but for some reason this wasn't the right time. I am a firm believer in Romans 8:28 which is why it's posted everywhere I can put it. God already has brought good out of this heart breaking situation. Things I won't go into, but very good things. If nothing else good comes from it, it was still well worth the pain. God is so good. He didn't want this for us but because of free will, bad things happen. It's part of living in a fallen world. I don't blame him and I'm certainly not mad at him for allowing it to happen. There may come a day when I feel differently but I sure hope not because I know he loves me no matter what happens. Look at Job's life...this is NOTHING compared to that.

It saddens me to think about this baby trying to build his little life and just not being able to. I'm saddened by the thought of never knowing this child. But how great that he is already in heaven rejoicing with the angels to be sitting with Jesus in the meadow! This baby is up there playing with my dogs! How fun for all 3 of them!! I can't wait to meet this little bundle and tell him how much I love him even still. I know my God is loving all over this child of mine for me...even better than I could ever even imagine.

Prayers are always welcomed but please know that we are really doing okay. I have my sad moments and I have my great moments. But because I trust my God so much I know we are okay.

You, my friends, have been more than I could have asked for in a time like this. Every single comment and word of encouragement or prayer has been a huge blessing to me and my husband. Thank you for loving us!

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